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Deb Macchi





Deb Macchi is a New England yankee librarian who lives in central Massachusetts. She has ridden in North America and South America, and likes Vermont best because it is beautiful and you can pass on a double yellow. Deb is interested in knowing how things work and how to make them work. She has designed, edited and proofread advertisements, books, newsletters, and websites. Words, along with motorcycles, are some of her favorite things and she likes to clean and polish them so they can function as well as possible.

Motorcycles have always interested Deb. Her grandfather told stories about World War One, when his command saw the evolution of vehicles from cavalry horses to motorcycles. She learned to operate a motorcycle in college, but did not begin riding in earnest until she watched a pivotal scene in the 1984 movie 'Buckaroo Banzai Through the 8th Dimension', when it became clear to her that she must learn to ride in order to help save Earth from the Red Lectroids of Planet 10. She borrowed a Honda 550 Super Sport to learn the basics, bought a 1971 CB350 from a cousin for twenty bucks, moved up to a Yamaha Radian YX600 and then to BMW K75 sport-tourers.

Because Deb taught herself to ride, she needed the best instruction available, and found it in track courses. She was at NHIS for the first women-only track day many years ago. She has taken Reg Pridmore's CLASS, BMW NA classes, and club classes. Several years ago, after some neurosurgery and the writing of that last tuition check, Deb obtained a BMW F650GS, sold her big handsome K75S and has been riding multi-hundred-mile days, track days, and playing in the dirt ever since.

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